Version 4.7.3 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec First of all thanks for the incredible app.
I have an issue with myfreecams, compared to other sites. The video always comes out studdery, my settings seem to be ok and other sites recordings come out fine, it's only mfc recordings that have the issue

@The_pursuer @ctbrec I get it with Chaturbate too. Not all models, but many. Started happening about a month ago. Happens on v4.6 too.

@ctbrec updated to 4.7.3 still having super rare crash i cannot explain, tried dm'ig you a log a week ago but maybe that's a bad way to provide error feedback? short snippet from top of the error log file though below

# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
# EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x00007fff9dec9a32, pid=18532, tid=39724

not really sure what the dealio is, maybe it has something to do with pagefile access?

@ctbrec im getting "INFO [SegmentDownload fbf558ab] c.r.d.h.AbstractHlsDownload [] Too many (7) segment errors for xxx - stopping recording" for some models. Not sure why. Tried pausing/unpausing recording but still same issue. Only happen some times for specific models.. Any idea?

@affe23 That's caused by crappy servers, probably CB, right? ctbrec then restarts the recording in hope of getting routed to a better server. For me that usually works after a few tries.

@ctbrec @affe23 It just flat out not recording anything from cb or mfc. Nothing in the logs either, its as if its not scanning any models in your config. I sat there and watched multiple models come online and run for an hour and ctb didnt do anything at all.

ctb is completely unusable at this time for cb and mfc.

@ctbrec It doesn´t work for
Thank you for your work.


I also have the stuttering issue with video recordings. This happens on MFC and also Chaturbate. This has been an ongoing issue since last few versions.

I have verified CPU (i7) and network (500Mbps) are utilized only under 10% while recording to NVME M2 SSD so the issue seems with the way the stream is being downloaded/encoded.

@ctbrec I'd like to suggest a setting to get rid of the pause all and resume all buttons... I've got 1000 models in my ctbrec (with maybe about 50-100 or so actually active regularly and unpaused, meaning hitting either button would cause me an endless headache)

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