Version 4.7.1 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec FYI Chaturbate still shows constant Playback failed - couldn't start payback stream was reset: INTERNAL:ERROR

@watson19 @ctbrec Saw this too. 4.7.1 and 4.7.0 give same error and don't record anything. 4.6.1 gives same error but records what it can. In browser all looks fine - no lag, disconnects, etc.

@electrotek @ctbrec update on this, having a CB account seems to fix this error. BUT now getting some models appearing in 'recording', but then after a few secs giving the message 'failed'.

@ctbrec Thx for adding model export/import. I assume import will overwrite existing (i.e. no merge) - may want to document that! :) Should there be edit functionality for events & actions (similar to post processing)?

@ctbrec Hello, i really appreacite your job, thanks for this wonderful sofware :D I have a question, have you planned to add an option in the future to register his models in private which we are in the fan club on stripchat? Thanks dude

@ctbrec Thank YOU for such an awesome program. Found out about the post processing file copy feature... never ceases to amaze the great feature set you have implemented. Just donated...

@ctbrec Thank you SO MUCH for the incredible app!

With your permission I would like to make a few suggestions... and apologize in advance if I'm being inconvenient.

Can u put some info at app about the preferable "model portrait" image w&h?

Copy the model name to clipboard will help a lot to save portraits.

Would be nice if we can hide/show tabs of sites.

Use the the name of the model (substring form url?) at MPV window when "Open in player" from "Recording" tab?

Keep the amazing work!!!

@ctbrec I'm wondering how to update the program? If anyone could list the steps that would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

@v4p0r Just replace the whole directory. Your configuration is stored in your user profile and will not be affected.

@ctbrec Something new apparently going back before christmas. Some models(cb/mfc) just do not start recording when they are online(but are marked in the ui as being online) and the ONLY way to solve this is to pause>resume.I've tried everything in the settings and back to defaults but nothing fixes streams not being started. I tried hlsdl to no avail. Its gone weeks without recording models newly added or added for months and months ago. This is linux on 4.7.1

@ctbrec Hi. I'm can't record Stripchat atm. Any help will be appreciated? CTBREC Version 4.7.1 Windows 10

@ctbrec Looks like v4.7.1 stops recording CB/MFC if for any reason there is network disconnection (like WiFi or ISP timeout momentary issue).

When network connection is restored, recording does not begin or resume. You have to close and reopen CTBRec to begin recording again.

@eNTRUSiON @ctbrec That is the exact same issue I get. 😩 By the time I return to the PC to find nothing being recorded, I immediately know not all is what it seems. I restart the app and suddenly, the list long list of recordings appear. Log files log timeouts.

@eNTRUSiON @ctbrec This is happening more and more frequently, and I do my best to mitigate it by pausing or removing webcam performers from the list. Frustrating really... Many precious hours of recording is missed and sometimes, some site do not cover some models.

@ctbrec Seems like Cam4 models are either not being noticed as being online when they are online or the ones being noticed as online are not being recorded when set to record. Only a directory folder is created for the recording but no files are being created. v4.7.1 Windows 11. Otherwise a wonderful app...Thanks!

@ctbrec bro camsoda recording is not working please help

@ctbrec is it possible to change the name date.month.year space hour:minute?

this isnt working:

${localDateTime(dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm)}

@testoniqua @ctbrec Due to the space try using single or double quotes. e.g. ${localDateTime('dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm')}

@ctbrec Hey mate, haven't had an update in a while, i hope everything's cool.
Anyway, I just sent you a litle Ethereum to show my appeciation, hopefully enough for a couple of beers.
Looking forward to a camsoda fix in the next release because an update would be sign you're ok. Cheers from Sydney!

@cashman @ctbrec i believe he's busy with real life stuff. I recall a camsoda patch being posted in the Discord, try there.

@ctbrec cam4 can't be recorded, pls help😭 whenever i add a cam4 model (who is definitely online and public), the logging shows this message: 2022-02-17 19:35:01,356 INFO [SegmentDownload 185d0987] c.r.NextGenLocalRecorder [] Precondition not met to record lisaruby: lisaruby's room is not public

@sincoco The recordings doesn't start immediately after adding them?

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