Version 4.6.0 of CTB Recorder is now available.


To support me a little bit, use RapidGator:

Otherwise use MediaFire:


Support me:
Bitcoin: 15sLWZon8diPqAX4UdPQU1DcaPuvZs2GgA
Ether: 0x996041638eEAE7E31f39Ef6e82068d69bA7C090e

@ctbrec can you fix cam4 pls? it doesnt record automatically

@ctbrec is there a way to remove the portrait column on recording tab?

@lautaro_busto the little "plus" at right top corner of the table

@ctbrec Thanks for adding ever more options. Unfortunately, Secretfriends doesn't opn in the player for me - I see the list and can open it in the browser, but the player (PotPlayer) doesn't work.

@younggeorge That's a limitation of SecretFriends, because of the way they are streaming the video. I have a plan how to solve that, but it's a bigger change.

@ctbrec Thanks fr the clarification. Hope you can manage it eventually.

@ctbrec Meanwhile, I figured out that recording works, so if you start recording, keave it a minute, then you can watch the recording almost live.

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