Version 4.5.5 of CTB Recorder is now available.


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@ctbrec Is there a chance I will be able to change base url for stripchat?

@ctbrec Where can I find the readme or docs for all of the options?

@ctbrec Haven't been able to get chaturbate to record at all today. Other sites work normally. Anyone else having an issue?

@guyledouche @ctbrec I had the same problem but it seems to have fixed itself now

@ctbrec strange bug I am getting on manyvids streams, pausing results in automatically being unpaused right after?

@ctbrec What is going on with the list of models? I noticed that sometimes the list becomes empty just by leaving it running for a few days, and CPU usage goes to nearly 100%. After restarting the program, the list is still empty, and takes around 1 minute to come back to normal. Other times i just notice the CPU usage is very high, and restart it, without the list issue.

@ctbrec getting a lot of 'couldn't start playback stream was reset' errors. Prevents me from viewing live cams and also seems to prevent recording. Is this an app error or something at my end?

@ctbrec Cam4 is not recording ...anyone else facing the same issue?

@ctbrec For two days, no service has recorded (mfc, cb, camsoda etc.), girls are online, option "start recording" is on but nothing happens. Pausing and resuming gives nothing. Earlier everything worked flawlessly (I've got it just few days).

@ctbrec Even "follow" option is not working.
Where I could find data files of your app? Because when I've downloaded brand new it was still with data from previous app, despite different catalog.

@makdabul Open the help section and look for

@ctbrec saves in .mp4 even after specifying the file extension in settings and post process remux doesn't work because the .mp4 sometimes gets corrupted before that. Lots of failed process with 0 bytes of data in them after recording for hours.

@Spoons Thanks for reporting. I'm not suing showup that much. Didn't notice that, yet.

@ctbrec For a while now I've had an issue where recordings will randomly be very intermittent, with numerous videos less than a minute in length, when the streamer has not gone offline. Any ideas on how to resolve the issue?

@ctbrec For what it's worth, you should mention the documentation is in the jar file for those that download the docker image.

@ctbrec hi, do you have any plans to add an option to filter models by tags ?

Like, only show (or exclude) models with certain tags or keywords in their description

my ignore list is getting huge 😂

@ctbrec This is only a request, and not sure how hard it would to implement. Would there be a way to set it up to watch multiple channels/sites for the same performer. Kinda like setting up a backup site/model to watch and record if the first goes private or offline.

Ex: Performer is on both CB and MFC. Set up CB as priority to record, goes into private chat on CB, but not on MFC. So it's set to record performer on MFC until CB comes back online. (Note, not all performers keep the same name.)

@ctbrec Wait, unless that's how groups work and I'm just the big dumb.

@reddrag0n6 Yep, that's what groups are for. Priority in the group is determined by the order of the sites

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