@ctbrec Could I just rename a directory and then select that as the new one when updating? This way the recordings aren't compromised?

@rainydays Make a backup of the config directory, too, so that you don't loose the metadata files. Picking a different directory should be fine.

@rainydays Open the ConfigurationFile page in the help section

@ctbrec It's much better with 1 file instead of 10k to rip even ssd) Implement Stripchat please, it's easy to do. Thank you.

@ctbrec And why I'am not allowed to record the bonga model with ctbrec, even the model doesn't have geoblock, I can enjoy her freechat why?

@ctbrec I've disconnected my vpn and she was recording for a while with no online status but rec, few time ago not online no rec.

@ctbrec Uhh 3.3.0 is a MASSIVE regression. Watching it log from the cli it is spitting out "MIssing segments in download" multiple times every few seconds. Watching the end resulted recordings, every few seconds there are visual segments missing and massive stuttering and multiple seconds delay between segments.
Dropping back down to 3.2.0 solves this problem
Using CB

@shittythrowaway The download code didn't change at all. The only difference is, that files get merged on-the-fly. How is your system doing CPU and network wise, when the problems occur?

@ctbrec There are no issues regarding cpu or network usage. As i stated, the previous version does not have this issue and i've been running it overnight and im not having any issues as described with 3.3.0 on the resulting recordings.

@ctbrec Is it possible to run multiple instances on a same local machine or in a portable mode?

@durger Yes have a look at the QuestionAndAnswer page in the help section

@ctbrec Perfect, thanks. Should have checked the docs first.

@ctbrec I have a problem with 3.3.0 - I changed the ffmpeg parameters to -c:v copy -c:a copy -movflags faststart -y -f mp4 and suffix to mp4, but I only get unreadable mp4s - can you tell me where I went wrong? Thanks!

@eleanor_ripley Parameters look good to me. I used the same during testing and had no issues. Which site did you record?

@ctbrec chaturbate. Thanks, I thought they looked nice and tidy, too.

@ctbrec Hi, this version does not record from the site bongacams,in 3.2.1 everything is fine

@ctbrec Oh and btw I found a minor glitch - every time you edit a model's priority, a : gets added to the model url field

@ctbrec Sometimes I have a power outage. This is important because in this version, active recordings that suddenly stopped because of a shut down lead to files that no player can render, dead weight. This didn't happen in an older version I used, 2.2 or 2.1.

@rainydays If you need a robust file format, use mpeg ts and convert them to mp4 with a post-processing script

@ctbrec The default file is a ts one, and I tried to convert to MP4 with ffmpeg, but some red-line error would come. I can't even remember what the error was, but I couldn't convert the file.

@ctbrec Don't now why this version not working for me, i started new config, changed to Mp4, recordgings won't start for any model site [Download f56f3448] c.r.d.h.MergedFfmpegHlsDownload [MergedFfmpegHlsDownload.java:208] Unexpected error while downloading CBMODEL
java.io.IOException: Stream closed

FFmpeg 4.2.1 / Debian 10 Server

@Al36 Check /tmp for log files with the FFmpeg output. Maybe that gives a clue what's going wrong.

@ctbrec Resolved issue by switching to FFmpeg 4.2.2, then i fugured some of the records was unreadable, then i replaced the Merge args with "ffmpegMergedDownloadArgs": "-c:v copy -c:a copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc", now it working good, thank you!

@ctbrec Getting pango errors again, but i have not updated pango between using 3.2.0 and 3.3.0
On Arch using version "1.44.7"
Pango:ERROR:../pango/pango/pango-context.c:1434:itemize_state_process_run: assertion failed: (state->run_end != state->run_start)
Bail out! Pango:ERROR:../pango/pango/pango-context.c:1434:itemize_state_process_run: assertion failed: (state->run_end != state->run_start)

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