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I noticed, that more and more MFC models are available through webrtc even in 1080p. Should I spent time on digging into it?

The next version will be able to record to a single file again. Probably server-side, too. Stay tuned.

Nope, still doesn't work. As soon as you start to record more than one model, you get blocked again and model streams switch randomly.

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I have been experimenting with youtube-dl and noticed, that it uses FFmpeg for the download of HLS. So instead of letting ctbrec doing the HLS download and using FFmpeg to merge the file, I now delegate the whole job to FFmpeg and it seems, that MFC SD downloads are working. I'm gonna play around with that a bit more.

For everybody asking about Streamate: I'm currently looking into the problems.

Has anybody experimented with the idea of watching a model in a browser while recording it?

It just occurred to me, that one reason of getting blocked by MFC might also be using the media player or using the stream preview. Basically anything, which uses the stream. The reason for that is, that media players usually don't disguise themselves as regular browsers, so MFC can easily identify them and block the IP. Try using ctbrec ONLY for recording for MFC. Maybe that works better.

So, after a lot of reports, that the HLS streaming still causes blocks (while it sometimes works well) I will switch back to DASH as the default, but add an config option to switch between DASH and HLS. Then you can decide, if you use HLS with less a/v sync problems risking to get blocked, or if you use DASH, which seems to cause much less or even no blocks.
I might analyze the websocket traffic to see, if they use it to somehow validate/authenticate the browser player.

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New finding! I just thought, that they might count the streams per IP. So ,I started 10 or more recordings in parallel and got banned immediately. That is probably one of the reasons for getting blocked, if not the only one. Can you guys remember how many models you had been recording at the time of getting blocked?

Now I got the block, too. On models, which worked just fine before. But the browser player still uses HLS.

I had a look at their JavaScript again and compared it to an older version I saved. It looks like DASH is not used anymore for HTML5 streaming. I'll check that out. If it turns out, that HLS works for SD again, I'll release a new version, which uses HLS instead of DASH, because the resulting videos are more robust when it comes to a/v sync

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What I am trying to say is, that MFC's streaming sucks. But there is probably room for improvement in ctbrec, too. FFmpeg tries to do it's best with a/v syncing, but if one of the stream (audio/video) is missing too many segments, then FFmpeg can't compensate for that. Maybe there is someone out there with video player expertise who can help out with ideas.

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