@ColinTheMathmo Thanks for the blog post about Mastodon. My local instance is definitely not for me (it's mostly Japanese). Should I abandon it for another? If so, is there a reasonable protocol for "migrating"? I'd like to make Mastodon work for me, but haven't gotten much out of it yet.

@csk As far as I know there is, as yet, no system for migration. You can export the people you follow and then re-import. You can also set up a cross-poster. for a time.

You would be welcome on, which is the instance I've set up with a friend.

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@ColinTheMathmo @ColinTheMathmo Yes, that would be the obvious place to move to. It just seems like a source of upheaval, in an unprecedented way relative to other, centralized social media services. If I did it every two weeks (and told people to follow me at my new home), I imagine I'd lose all my friends. If I do it once, maybe it's not too bad.

@csk It definitely is. But having played about with what Mastodon is, it's sort of time to pick an instance and then live with it until a migration system is creating. Question is, what would you want/need to move, and why?

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@ColinTheMathmo @ColinTheMathmo That's fair, though I'm also unused to the idea that my identity is partly wrapped up in the instance to which I ally myself. My twitter account is just "me" in the generic sense, with further refinement coming from the heterogeneous topics and individuals I happen to follow. Not necessarily bad, just different.

@ColinTheMathmo @ColinTheMathmo You're obviously running two identities right here; are they divergent? Is one a clone of the other?

@csk I never toot onto the cybre identity, and I run a cross-posting script to put things there that I've tooted on my main identity. I may, one day, retire that once completely.

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@csk I don't often look at the local timeline on cybre - I may yet make sure I do that semi-regularly.

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@csk I might also have the two identities diverge, with the Mathstodon ident being maths, and the other being computing. Not sure.

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@csk Indeed - that's one of the fundamental differences between Mastodon and Twitter, between Federated and Centralised. It's worth thinking about, absolutely.

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