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‘only now, sitting in the wing chair, did I develop what might be called a sense of guilt with regard to my conduct at Kilb’

its ok to be lazy and leave your kitchen messy sometimes, treat yourself!

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starting new job today checklist:
- shirt ironed: check
- shoes polished: check
- have dream the night before in which we live on some kind of compound that's a cross between a function center and a strip mall, and stepson who's just about to turn 19 has organized a rave on the property without telling us, and it's the night before i start a new job: check

in my dream universe (ie last night's dream), bowie is alive, and every year for his birthday his musician pals compete to outdo each other in the presentations they make to him. in my dream, bryan ferry describes how a musician named ash is trying to decide between two different dances to perform for bowie, both problematically based on the nazi goose-step. and what was wild was ferry's uncanny ability to demonstrate both steps to me - just a great dancer. good morning

my mother's second husband was from mumbai and he made this delicious dish with chickpea flour, yogurt, turmeric and onion we called 'yellow stuff' because we never bothered to ask its real name, and i have been trying for years to figure out what it is and my lovely indian coworker just reliably informed me that it's kadhi

i had a feeling GOT might get to be too much for me and sure enough i couldn't make it through tonight's episode, so that's it - spoil away

@Louisa @crumbleneedy I’m outside the house. You can hear me talking to the paramedics. “Yeah, it’s been like 2 hours now, probably,” I say.

@brogepi is the Charlie Brown in the song Charlie Brown the same character as the comic strip one, but high school age??

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love to be asked by developer B (who's meant to be the subject matter expert) why i'm bothering my pretty little business analyst head with trying to understand how our APIs work ('developers should figure all of this out themselves') when a) i've been tasked w/ writing the API user stories, and b) developer A (who's building my UI) has messed up a crucial API step. i love it!!!

okay it took a week, but i'm not gonna read it. what is there to talk about? my wife can't stand him, i can't stand him, life's too short

shiawassee apples, painted by royal charles steadman, 1929

I have Drank Coffee and Must Post (surely you understand)

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