Fun fact: The number of users now exceeds the population of .

@crscheid Cool! I am curious though how many actual users that are, so many people with multiple accounts/bots.

@crscheid long live Mastodon! When do we get to select our king?

@crscheid @abentleywrites Iceland doesn't have a king. They have a president who likes football and is a historian.



with such stats it may be possible to build a football team for world cup semi final and applause :

toot clap tooot clap toooot clap tooooooot clap clap clap clap :)

@crscheid If this was not meant as a threat to take over Iceland I would like to convert it to one.

@crscheid Shall we all start one of those slow clap things together?

@crscheid Though that isn't as hard as one might think. The population is not enormous.:-)

BTW, where we can find statistical data of Mastadon users? like population?:thinking:

@mmokhi check out I noticed there is one instance though that looks like their user count is in error. Over a million users but only 90+ toots. Probably worth ignoring that one.

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