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Here is a photo and a fascinating article about a seed bag dating back to about AD20 that was found in Arkansas.

The seeds are an extinct variety of domesticated chenopodium (related to quinoa) from North America. The bag is of even more interest to me because it’s whole, and it was made of yucca fiber and bast fiber from the retted inner bark of a tree, probably paw-paw. That is SO COOL.

#FiberArts #archaeology #weaving #spinning #farming

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when you see a big-budget youtuber and their videos don't have captions, give them a friendly comment mentioning that professional captioning is pretty inexpensive nowadays for creators who don't have time to do that on their own! I just recently learned about the $1/min rate at Rev, for example. YouTube's automatic captions are often barely usable, especially for content with technical language.

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Looking to commission some prints using a marbling effect as typography. I’d prefer to work with a queer or trans artist. Recs? Please RT.

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Two great things you can do to make the fediverse more diverse and interesting:

1) USE LOTS OF HASHTAGS. It's not spammy! It helps people find stuff they're interested in, since the search is intentionally limited to tags to prevent abuse.

2) BOOST THE GOOD STUFF. It gets it into new federated timelines, which is vital for smaller instances with fewer connections. It also helps with hashtag searches, since they only bring up toots known to your instance via follows and boosts.

#mastodon #meta

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Spring! Frogspawn. Goodbye slugs - hello froglettes.

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EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER is looking for a character artist!!

* Paid position
* Artstyle similar to the one seen below
* Must be able to draw a variety of body types
* Q/T/PoC preferred

Email [email protected] with portfolio if you're interested!!

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Please don’t post screenshots of text. Depending on who is seeing it, they could be annoying, hard to read, or impossible to read.

Post links to the text or something you want to quote, and transcribe important parts into your toot.

If a screenshot is unavoidable, use the feature for describing an image with text to transcribe the important part of the text.

Thanks for making the fediverse a friendlier place for everyone. 👍🏻 #mastotips

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Internet culture *is* culture. The Internet is what people are really like.

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A moment of diasporic joy: I'm working the front desk at the LGBTQIA center at UC Davis and an older Chinese lady comes in for resources. I tell her 中文也可以. I tell her 欢迎来到美国. She asks me if my parents know and I get to tell her yes.

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Privacy Badger automatically blocks advertisers from tracking you across multiple websites without your permission. To the advertiser, it's like you suddenly disappeared. source:

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Yesterday endured Black Panther. If you enjoyed the film about a warrior woman winning ww2 this is out of the same mould.

Been to The Light Cinema to watch Isle of Dogs. Only fell asleep twice. On leaving my friend said "Great. Really looking forward to going home and cleaning my oven." The Light Cinema

The Chinese have been in Liverpool for centuries. They have brought a few mates along and put on a show.

The Terracotta Warriors are here.

Interesting exhibition. Must prebook. All tickets are timed but once you are in nobody is doing "hurry along there!"

Value for money.

Not posting pictures. Loads online.

Get down to Liverpool. Enjoy the exhibition. Get down to Chinatown. Enjoy your meal. Hit the town. Collapse . Rinse repeat.

This site has been left hanging for years. Something wrong in this country. Shortage of accommodation and still people are sitting on land. Sick.

This is the first time this year my bike has been out of the shed. It's been too cold, too wet, too windy - today is Goldilocks perfect.

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Hello Mastodon. It's been a long time since I've logged in! I think I need more accounts to follow.