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Hey nerds I worked pretty hard on this,

and I'm trying to help get more people on the platform. Maybe y'all want to read it? I am extremely vain but I think you'll agree with the premise.

Off to a Wordpress users group in Manchester on Wednesday. There are some serious professionals in the membership. I am like Wordpress 101. Should be interesting. Tried using Divi. Needs work!

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Hey, kids/young adults who love standing in front of their amps & PA systems during performances:

PLEASE pay attention to the killjoys who tell you to get decent hardwearing earplugs / disposable classic foam plugs while playing.

Because living with tinnitus will start to ruin your life in a big way, and if tinnitus gets beyond tinnitus...well...yeah it's awful.

At the end of the day, you don't wanna be like me with 30% hearing in their left ear in my mid-20s just cuz teen me was ignorant af.

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it is overgeneralizing folly to assume that if you admire someone's taste in music, you would admire her or his taste in other spheres (political, literature, cinema).

“Never touch your idols: the gilding will stick to your fingers."

(Il ne faut pas toucher aux idoles: la dorure en reste aux mains.)

-- Gustave Flaubert

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I felt inside a sense of place, of pride. The sense that maybe I wasn't just here, but that here was with me.

Artist: Dominique Ramsey

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FUN FACT: Uber lost about $5B last year. If fares were set high enough to just break even they would cost more than a traditional taxi. Every rideshare you take is subsidized by the finance industry in a ploy to profit off the destruction of unionized companies and public transit

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Why choose someone else's adventure- when you can choose your own

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Spotify wants to give me premium for 60 days for my birthday. All I need to do is give them my banking information. this is my email reply:

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Hello Octodon (and Mastodon at large)! I don’t really have anything to say today, except that I really appreciate this community. 🌟

Just finished reading Apple Tree Yard. The construction of the tale is masterful. Have commenced an immediate re-read. Not something I am famous for.

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This song is just
so much to me.

#NP # Fediplay

Jose Gonzalez - Hints

Just boosted my reply to a post instead of the original post.

Realising my mistake I tried to unboost it by clicking on Boost a second time.

No idea what the final outcome of my fingering- inefficiency is likely to be but be warned - it is out there!

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Thinking about what my cultural output can be like if I just stopped self-sabotaging.

It good.

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@Mainebot Nice thought! Love it. I am 71 and still getting in my way more than I care, or dare, to admit.

Imagine what our outpourings would be like if we stopped self-sabotage.

Hold that thought. Build on that.

Since the election of D Trump and T May many apolitical people have been stirred into action.

Theirs is not the protest march, the social media slag-off campaign, the hate-spewing, bile-filled rant of opposition.

These people are reaching out to lift up those of us who are suffering under the edicts of government.

That’s all.

Is this effective? Ask those whose hand is taken in support.

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Best of luck at traversing the void. Anyone who know what a theremin is automatically gets a big up-tick in my estimation.

Time to go. Need to sort out something to eat.

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I am very pleased & proud to say that I'm now an official The Document Foundation Member (

I've been promoting & helping however I could #libreoffice and #OpenSource in general regardless of any recognition as I think it's the right thing to do but being a Member will help doing more as a team.

Do your part as well and upgrade to LibreOffice: