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@anonorpheus the proxy being accessible when you click through to someone's profile through the FTL

@anonorpheus well -- so you could show a proxy of a remote account on your own instance, and that could handle the remote follow, but you're out of luck having someone who links to their proper remote account out-of-band.

@anonorpheus Ideally there's a simple button like that, but cross-site security stuff would prevent the remote account's instance from knowing what instance my account comes from.

@mindbat I understand how the distinction can be framed, but the only reason i'm on is because wasn't taking any more accounts. Everyone on the internet is equally close or far away from me.

What's the solution to the remote follow feature? There's gotta be a better way than remembering which instance I signed up for.

I understand the implementation difference between local and federated timeline, but will most end-users really care?

@cy wanted to do a full-test of what the mobile app had to offer ;)

@Pav I'm hoping they're able to make it a little smoother, especially for cross-instance subscriptions

@Devtesla that's a good point... I guess it's hard to balance those

i wish mastodon had some way for me to discover the people i want to follow. just shouting into an empty closet right now

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