so how do I migrate my data between Mastodon instances? after the hype bubble, over half the instance operators will get bored or realize the cost of the servers aren't worth it to them.

@cpdean There's an export and import in the settings tab. Haven't tried it.

@groundh0g @cpdean At current, there only seems to be an option to export the handles of the people you follow. No option to take your toots and migrate them.

@Ian_Fry @cpdean @groundh0g so, name conflicts between a failed server and a new server are going to be an issue, I think.

@Walt @groundh0g @Ian_Fry for sure
-- i'd imagine you would only be allowed to import exported content on something you already have ownership of

@cpdean @Ian_Fry @groundh0g Aside from deleting accounts, which I read was an issue, I think being on a failed (failing) server is also going to be an issue.

So, grabbing spots on servers that are going to last is key (how to choose? Well you're here, so you've chosen)

It'll be interesting

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