i came across a forth implementation that is written in hand-rolled web assembly


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Ok team we've all done Twitter with cheetohfuhrer on it before. We know the drill:

-do not RT. not even for sweet dunks
-do not reply
-do not engage
-screenshots better be for evidence in a prosecution, otherwise you're still signal-boosting him for free.

whenever companies begin to adopt internal SLO's between services, they always tend to treat them as if they were promotion-worthy goals and not what they actually are, which is a quantifiable way to denote the relationships between teams to design accurate fault tolerance across your ecosystem

one of the biggest signals of the demise of twitter has to be how @dasharez0ne is posting to mastodon

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yet again trying to learn a new social media

it's 8am and i bought another book on .

this is how i know i'm burnt out

i think i'm going to start up my web crawler again. last time i crawled i got 100mb of links

pre-commit checks are there because the the cost of breaking the build is too high. maybe you shouldn't have a build that's expensive to break instead??

coworker's insistence to put a bunch of pre-commit checks on the repo prevented them from sharing the compiler error with me

I am working on projects at work now. I'm afraid something will go wrong, but so far instead a lot of things go right.

I'm a developer in that works in moving data around to support at my company.

I want to start learning a static language to do the same stuff, or otherwise I want to pick up projects better suited to using an ML like , , because I can't learn something unless I have an actual project I care about that requires it.

now that Google is removing SMS support for what am I supposed to use that isn't awful?

does anyone use a messaging app on that doesn't suck?

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@cpdean @pedrosilva Also worth mentioning that Wire just said that federation is on their roadmap. It's not here yet, but they did just come through on their promise to open-source their server.

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@groundh0g @cpdean At current, there only seems to be an option to export the handles of the people you follow. No option to take your toots and migrate them.

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@cpdean There's an export and import in the settings tab. Haven't tried it.

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