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So I'm walking. Good for me. And w/o noise canceling bc this how it is. Next to , not the other side bc come on! IYKYK

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Look, I'm never gonna be a "LONG TIME RESIDENT" but I'm still a competent adult. I know how DC works. No shortage of (White) folks who don't.

Why wait 30+ minutes for a bus we know isn't coming? That's

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My split with and was their choice. I've been riding , perhaps longer than many have been alive. I know its deficiencies. I'm nobody's fool. I know rules they will never learn.

Do I take the transfer and wait who even knows how long or do I walk 1-2 miles home? Probably the walk. Who waits in the cold for 40 minutes?

My complex read of the upcoming rail strike (which is freight rail but is gonna fuck ) is that the notion of no sick leave without weird strings and PTO is unacceptable and getting a minimum standard is necessary.

Ugh these young people talking about age like they're never going to be old. And maybe they're not. But none of them is going to be frontman for The Doors either.

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1/2: current instance doesn't lose its shit over swearing or no CW on important things I want to cover.

Hard to decide, really is.

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Two(and a half) things:
Haven't decided if I want to move instances. I do want to be able to follow hashtags but also it's not make or break, I can find folks and so far I've found people I think are amazing.

Haven't decided if I want to add a real picture of myself. I've been very comfortable with pseudo anonish, and a lot of my mutuals are the same. Our lives are complicated, in the US we have way less protection from crazy etc. But also want to dip my toe in things.

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I want to make a test on the % reach a post can have in terms of people in other servers. Are you seeing this post on or another server? (Appreciate if you can boost this).

The "miseducation of a twenty something woman" except she's ignorant about sex on the birdsite outside of the DMs.

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Saying not to bother with the favourite button on mastodon because it doesn't affect any algorithm is like saying not to say thank you to someone because no one else will hear.

Stop thinking in those old social media ways of engagement and visibility and algorithms and reach and audience and start thinking about being social.

I wouldn't call this a design flaw but rather having to remind faster moving traffic they need to stop for pedestrians waiting for the bus ought to be unnecessary. Too much for the TDF cosplaying I guess.

Things I ought to be doing:
Things I'm thinking of doing:
*Make good choices dot gif "

Sometimes you just get one of those dumb emails and you have to make yourself a cocktail.

There's no crosswalk, there's not even a sidewalk on one side closest to WV but there is greater distance on either side to see oncoming traffic.

It also provides a reminder of the status of the bus riders and peds vs cars & bikes.

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It's a block from WV on Fenwick, which is better than other places to get off because people fly off of WV or out of the bike lane onto the sidewalk.

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I get off the bus at a stop that doesn't exist in the transit app nor is well known unless you live in Ivy City. It probably looks subpar but it's logical for us.

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Just awful news from Rocket Frog, which made GABF award winning beer and are some of the nicest people you’ll meet.

The fact that I have to look both ways before getting off the bus bc there's gonna be some fool who thinks he's a TDF competitor has added unnecessary stress to my experience.

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