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Is it a real episode or a "classic".

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If ever I had regrets about staying in the US as long as I have it might be that I didn't give the UK another shot.

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Squeezing in as much as we can before twitter burns itself to the ground. 🙃 Hey fam!

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This episode is from 2021. They effing with us again.

Still working on my , but something is better than nothing?

Still getting my feet wet, learning by observing. I've been on the internet for ~30 years, anon-ish has been my preference, but some people know who I am already.

I've already found , regular reader and liker of @catreviewer on the birdsite

I've lived in for 22 years, not "native", not new in town. grunt, , like cocktails & other drinks. Gay man, middle aged, still kicking.

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I will miss my fam, and a lot of my local people, and for a long time kept my account small intentionally.

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We're having a great night in our options to distract.

I'm usually very nice but America has a filler shortage after this.

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