Who loves rubbing her face, eyes against you because she is so affection motivated.

This mugging for the camera loaf can't get along with other cats but he's still cute.

I spent all morning being aggressively squeaked at by this one, despite repeatedly being petted into pudding. MOAR, MOAR

Someone's a little mopey and not adapting to having another cat inside. Will get some extra cell phone corner scratches.

When you are aware of the competition and reiterating your control.

Working from home supervisor is supervising the neighborhood. He's always on watch.

Still working on my , but something is better than nothing?

Still getting my feet wet, learning by observing. I've been on the internet for ~30 years, anon-ish has been my preference, but some people know who I am already.

I've already found , regular reader and liker of @catreviewer on the birdsite

I've lived in for 22 years, not "native", not new in town. grunt, , like cocktails & other drinks. Gay man, middle aged, still kicking.


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