Who loves rubbing her face, eyes against you because she is so affection motivated.

This mugging for the camera loaf can't get along with other cats but he's still cute.

I'm still looking at switching to another instance but watching the ructions of the past few days have reminded me of some of my own hard lines.

I'm not going to move somewhere Tankies are tolerated, absolutely not a single hammer and sickle do I want to see. It's a N_zi equivalent symbol for lots of people. My hometown was filled w people who fled those occupations. Nor am I interested in places where an admin has hissy fits on the reg.

I wasn't expecting the bus schedule to be useful this week but even the live feed is wonky. Just incredible bunching.

I mean personally I wouldn't document having been at a Chappelle show but you do you.

The original announcement from was that they were still running as expected, just altering the route slightly. Now apparently they aren't stopping between 6th and 14th St NW for a week. The route is close to identical but OK...

Looks like Douglas is finally getting going on the old Ag building at 12th and C to D.

My precious. I waited at least a year for it to drop to a decent price.

Milk punch, subbing out the bourbon or brandy, for demerera rum, Hamilton.

At Peychaud's on Toulouse in New Orleans.

Saturday night in Kyiv, and the streets are dark and snowy. After several waves of missile attacks on the electrical infrastructure of Ukraine over the past month, power is rationed and whole blocks are in blackout. In a hip former industrial area full of restaurants and bars, partygoers gather at the entrance to an underground club to be checked by bouncers.

The "miseducation of a twenty something woman" except she's ignorant about sex on the birdsite outside of the DMs.

I wouldn't call this a design flaw but rather having to remind faster moving traffic they need to stop for pedestrians waiting for the bus ought to be unnecessary. Too much for the TDF cosplaying I guess.

Sometimes you just get one of those dumb emails and you have to make yourself a cocktail.

I guess DDOT is at least half trying. Bless their hearts and all, no one is stopping at the crosswalk, or not flying through the bus island because "very important bike business"

No serious person would call Cuba a democracy. The fact that American communists/socialists/whatever it is this week still try this gambit shows nothing has changed; still the worst people.

I spent all morning being aggressively squeaked at by this one, despite repeatedly being petted into pudding. MOAR, MOAR

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