My split with and was their choice. I've been riding , perhaps longer than many have been alive. I know its deficiencies. I'm nobody's fool. I know rules they will never learn.

Do I take the transfer and wait who even knows how long or do I walk 1-2 miles home? Probably the walk. Who waits in the cold for 40 minutes?

Look, I'm never gonna be a "LONG TIME RESIDENT" but I'm still a competent adult. I know how DC works. No shortage of (White) folks who don't.

Why wait 30+ minutes for a bus we know isn't coming? That's

So I'm walking. Good for me. And w/o noise canceling bc this how it is. Next to , not the other side bc come on! IYKYK

I will always be a foreigner and not and it's OK. I was never gonna fit in anyway, with a straight culture I found foreign anyway.

So I'll walk til I get home to my neighborhood where I have my own relationships. Where, despite or even bc it's not the place to be, I feel at home. House really too small but...

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