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I'm old enough to remember when Yahoo! Groups unceremoniously nuked every single LGBT mailing list overnight, leaving people completely untethered from communities they had relied on and loved. When that happened, we got angry at Yahoo!. And yet when people flee from Twitter, anger is directed at those "defectors". Twitter is not a country, and we were not its citizens. It is a corporation. If Twitter is driving people away, it's Twitter's fault. It's not our job to fix it. #noxp

My back could do a decent job as the percussion if ever does a remake. My neck, my back.

Who loves rubbing her face, eyes against you because she is so affection motivated.

I've been here for 22 years, some things have gotten better with the bus and some things have not. NGL it's mostly white ppl who need to learn how to acknowledge folks properly putting in the work.

I have no problem separating the person driving from the disaster that is WMATA.

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In DC you (should) address/acknowledge the bus driver upon getting on. I usually say thanks getting off, because I am grateful. It's a hard job being a bus driver. People suck.

Did I give up on yet again after freezing waiting for a bus to come? Yep. Tomorrow I have somewhere I absolutely have to be by 1830 and I will just take a car.

This mugging for the camera loaf can't get along with other cats but he's still cute.

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Taking a restorative nap before facing , which will almost inevitably leave me waiting in the cold.

The comfortable habit of defederating entire instances because you don't like what one person says or that they disagree with you is just nuts. I highly doubt an instance set up for Black folks (WHO SHOULD NOT NEED TO SET UP THEIR OWN INSTANCE) would stay federated with many on here for long.

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Demands to CW racism as experienced by people is some very bad shit and you need to get over your feelings being hurt because someone accurately documents their experiences. Use the filter if you're so upset.

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I'm poking around and occasionally getting odd things on the TL about "you can't change Elmo's mind". Buddy, no one is trying, stop condescending.

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Mastodon may not realize it but there are a lot of cultural issues that are a factor in whether people want to move to another platform. If you've spent a lot of time building a community it takes work to move it, especially when where you're moving is unknown or is itself reputed to be less than welcoming.

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"Massive" storm underway in the Central States -- the same one that dumped 6 feet of snow in the Sierras.
* Damaging tornado injured 5 people near Fort Worth
* Blizzard in the Highs Plains and western South Dakota
* Big snow on way for Northeast

This becomes especially important if/when I add a profile pic of myself. The username I'm using is already PII af.

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I'm still looking at switching to another instance but watching the ructions of the past few days have reminded me of some of my own hard lines.

I'm not going to move somewhere Tankies are tolerated, absolutely not a single hammer and sickle do I want to see. It's a N_zi equivalent symbol for lots of people. My hometown was filled w people who fled those occupations. Nor am I interested in places where an admin has hissy fits on the reg.

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As an ex-public servant, the constant denigration of those who work tirelessly to provide the services that our society relies on aggravates the fuck out of me.

Until you have worked in that situation - with little funding, low headcount and constant scrutiny?

Shut the fuck up.

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@Hyouka the question in my head right now is, if this was a straight couple kissing would it be censored too? I checked the other example photos you posted (they're adorable btw 😍🤩) and seriously, if they were pics of men and women cuddling and making out, I don't think they would have been removed. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm so, so sick of homophobia... Being gay is not NSFW or 18+. 😖 I'm glad you changed instances. 💖

Some of the absolute best interactions I've had are with people in the kink and gay subcultures space, quite not my usual interaction online but they've been great.

I've been actively looking at some of the urbanist content and other DC residents and a lot are the people who I don't want to interact with elsewhere or in person. They love it here.

Perhaps I need to take a step back and wait for things to settle.

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