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After 9 months of , the are beginning to realize (in official ) that the will not welcome them with in their hands...that despite the war they prefer to be a part of the free world! Heading to without and is still better than be part of the eastern and , in short, the regime in .

Russian propaganda:

Western pundits increasingly demand:

“If Iran delivers Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar missiles to Russia then the USA should deliver Patriots and ATACMS.”

I believe that Washington is only waiting for that moment before unleashing the Kraken. #Ukraine #ATACMS

and Italy PM, of course, Italy! 🇮🇹 🇮🇹
Thanks for reminding!

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Passers-by in Tver, Russia noticed what looks like setting up to film some fake propaganda garbage.

Remember this vehicle later when you see Adolf Hitler pop out of it wearing a vishivanka.

Freedom is a fragile thing and it's never more than one generation away from extinction

An imperative exists for urgent action to expand and improve the West’s defence industrial base. Good, strategic and courageous decisions are needed now in the West. We may almost be out of time to make them.

I just spent the week meeting with ~30 different EU officials and not a single one said anything like this. Literally the opposite – transatlantic cohesion is strong and we stand with Ukraine

August: "Winter is coming"
September: "Winter is coming"
October: " coming"

August: "Yes"
September: "Yes"
October: "...Yes"

In November Winter arrives and starts killing Russians.

25 nov 2022 ⬇️
Feast your eyes on Vladimir #Solovyov, the man of constant sorrow: he cries, he sighs, he lies. He encourages #Russians to die for the #Motherland and praises himself for his "choice" to give up his Italian villa (it was seized and he was sanctioned, so the choice was made for him).

#RussianMediaMonitor #propaganda

24.11.2022, video:

Russian missiles in Ukraine leave children's intensive care units without power
"The lung ventilation system, without which children cannot breathe, is turned off. The source of radiant heat, without which they freeze, is switched off."
📹 - CurrentTimeTv

#Hospital #children #Russia #Ukraine #war #blackout #RussiaIsTerroristState

It’s frustrating and embarrassing to know that Ukrainian suffering could end immediately if only we would give them the tools necessary to stop Russian terrorism

to ratify membership for , early next year - Prime Minister

(Note: Please, don't confuse and :dance_cool_doge: )

The fact that Russia is choosing to use its expensive, dwindling and hard to replenish supplies of precision-guided missiles to degrade and destroy the Ukrainian energy grid is a very good indication that they are not able to do so with (cheaper) cyber attacks.

Yet another reminder of the practical limitations of offensive cyber, or, at least, the limitations of Russian ability to conduct strategic offensive cyber attacks

In the EU 🇪🇺 , Russia 🇷🇺 is now officially a state sponsor of terrorism 💥

Therefore we should not write "Russia is bombing", but more correctly "Russian terrorists are bombing".
Or not write "Russian Minister of Defense", but "Minister of Terrorist Russia"...

To make things clear....

A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 24/11/22.

There have been no notable changes to control since the last update.

#ukraine #russia #ukrainewar #conflict #map #europe #nato #warinukraine #mapping #news #breaking

24 nov 2022 ⬇️

Meanwhile in Russia, lawmakers and pundits complain about Ukraine's handling of their POWs but admit that some Russian units take no prisoners; complain about being called a terrorist country but propose terrorist methods that include "sending Boshirov" to kill targets abroad.

#RussianMediaMonitor #Ukraine #Russia #propaganda #POW #prisioners #terrorist #Boshirov

#Wagner's group made it clear:

Sending a bloody #hammer with skulls ☠️ in a #violin case to the European #Parliament and using your #hackers to launch a massive #cyber attack on the European Parliament's #website after its vote is really the best way to #communicate that you are not a #terrorist, isn't it? :thaenkin:

🇷🇺 Tsarist world, Soviet logic. And most of the Russians are apathetic and prefer to remain silent... Compared to them, even Iranian society 🇮🇷 is viable and healthy.

No heat and electricity in many parts of Ukraine thanks to Russian terrorism. But Ukrainians are undeterred. So why are we deterred?

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