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Meanwhile in #Russia: top #propagandists and their friends in high places are getting worried about the possibility of #losing the #war to #Ukraine and being tried at the #Hague.

#RussianMediaMonitor #propaganda #RussiaIsTerroristState

Prof. Michael. about Russian human waves:

"They brought criminals out of prison who go on the attack in the front line. They are mobilized behind them and only in the third row are the soldiers of the regular units... they literally throw men into the attack. They are literally human waves."

Soldiers of the Russian army fighting in the front line, but only in the third line, act as "blockers". “Their job is to shoot anyone who retreats. In other words, you go forward or you get shot…”

On December 1, 2019, #Chinese doctors discovered the first clinical manifestations in patients with an unknown infection in the city of #Wuhan.

On December 31, 2019, the Chinese authorities informed the #WorldHealthOrganization of the outbreak.

The acute infection was later named #COVID19.

I assume there has to be regime change in #Russia to get justice = 1) pay war reparations to #Ukraine
2) bring war criminals to justice (The Hague?)

Anyway, the Russians know that it may happen:


High quality recruitment video from the "second army of the world".

Video & translation by Dmitri: wartranslated.com

A company says it is in talks to send floating "" 💡 to to supply electricity to the beleaguered country as steps up attacks on .

, which claims the world's largest fleet of such vessels, would send ships close to , Ukraine's largest , a senior company executive told Nikkei.

Local publics in Bryansk, russia, publish a video of a fire at an oil depot in the Surzhansk district.

Smoking is dangerous.🤷🏼‍♀️

Ukraine has announced that all illegals who have entered Crimea after the annexation will be expelled once the peninsula has been liberated. They are considered foreigner with no valid visas and will be expelled including an entry ban.

You can be sure that the Russian occupation takes that serious. Even before that announcement, real estate prices in Crimea have dropped by 50%. They will certainly drop even more after that. #Crimea #Ukraine

29.11.2022, video


Just imagine - each of those windows was someone's #home. People picked out furniture, cooked, laughed, raised children there. Now these are just lifeless witnesses of #Russian #terrorism.
📹: WarLife/Telegram

#Ukraine #Russia #RussiaIsTerroristState

of of Ukraine, Oleksii :

government official
Over the past nine months, has launched more than 16,000 on .
97% of russian targets are .
We are fighting against a state. Ukraine will prevail and will bring the war to .

speech & Ukraine war footage

Don't forget that the future of and the entire free world is being fought for in .

With the policy of and of , we have once again created an who despises us, wants to destroy us and does the impression that the right of the stronger decides, not the people & law.

Can we unite again and patiently endure hardships (even from economic point of view only) as our grandfathers did - risking their lives?

The spirit of 1989's Tank Man being channelled in Shanghai tonight... 

Video via @GFWfrog@twitter.com, posted at 13.42 GMT (21.42 Beijing time).

Protesters stand in front of police vehicles in #Shanghai, #China, reminiscent of #TankMan from #TiananmenSquare in 1989.



"We understand that are preparing new strikes and as long as they have , they won’t stop.
But our ability to each other and take care of the most vulnerable-our mutual assistance is one of elements of against and our strength."


26.11.2022, video

#Evacuation of an elderly #woman I've seen many of these videos but I watched this one several times.

Please watch till the end.

📹: puryshev_mykhailo/TikTok

#Ukraine #RussiaIsTerroristState

An interview of
Newsnight with in the .

I was expecting something more intelligent like: also targeted substations in Serbia,which could cause controversy...

(some people don't know the difference between the intervention to stop air defenses, limit communications of the Serbian army,without long-term consequences for civilians VS
systematic/long-term attack on electricity/water/heat facilities without targeting military targets, which is the Russ.approach)

Under the cover of the night, Russian troops tried to enter Bakhmut from the North, but a drone with thermal cameras discovered them. The Ukrainian artillery literally tore them apart. An absolute nightmare which most of them won't be able to regret.

Coordinates of the destroyed Russian unit is:

48°37'10.90"N, 38° 2'35.25"E

#Bakhmut #Ukraine #Donetsk

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