Seems like a pretty decent set of short-, mid-, and long-term goals for eventual transition to post-scarcity anarchism:

What do you think?

@neil "The construction of a future “economy of the commons” through the creation of things like worker-run cooperatives, participatory budgeting programs, community land trusts, and so on." I believe this should be in the long-term section. The fact it was put in the short-term list by the author is a telling sign of how deeply the problems of commons vs. state are misunderstood by the community

@Antanicus Yeah you're right, some of the timescales are off. Or conflated at least - e.g. the act of establishing a worker-run coop is viable in the short-term, an economy of the commons is going to take longer.

@neil @Antanicus This is the future I definitely want to help build!
Where should I get involved to help make it happen?

@colomar @neil you can start by joining (ie. our instance) and see for yourself what cooperatively owned social media look like :)

@Antanicus @neil If only the migration feature were already done...

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