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There is a new KDE Slimbook available as from today. The KDE Slimbook II comes with CPUs that are 15% faster and RAM that is also faster than the prior version by 33%. The dual hard drive bay gives you room for a second hard disk, and its bigger multi-touch touchpad supports gestures and clicks.

The larger antennas give you better WiFi reception and a wider range and, to top it all, for a short period of time, you can buy it cheaper than the KDE Slimbook I.

Losing one's job (while being lucky enough to have some savings to go on) is the best way to understand how much time and energy menial jobs take out of one's life. To me, it feels like a rehab, like regaining some long lost ability or skill. The urge to create grows stronger as I get back to writing, reading, thinking, all while feeling a new energy that makes me want to run, excercise, improve... It feels amazing, though I know, in the back of my head, this can't last.

Review your favorite applications and help us make Discover better!

Plasma's app store uses reviews to determine the popularity of an app. We need more reviews to provide meaningful results when sorting apps by popularity - so add your reviews now. Here's how:

Returning the interest from Greek government bonds to Greece would only be a tiny step in helping Greece recover from its austerity-fueled economic depression, but any step is a good step, so I signed a petition asking the ECB and Eurogroup to do that:

Demanding austerity from a government during economic downturn defies any logic, and especially we who live in countries that benefit from that must ask our governments and central banks to stop that.

\o/ ActivityPub is now a W3C recommendation! congrats @cwebber, @erincandescent, @rhiaro, and a whole bunch of other cool people for getting the spec there!

(this message has been brought to you via ActivityPub :P)

Listen to @Rushkoff & @Stacco on #TeamHuman #TheBest #Podcast

β€œOn free and open, you have the Pirate parties;
On fairness, you have Podemos, and the Corbyn campaign;
On sustainability, you have the Green parties;
they are not talking to each other - the #Commons is the glue that can hold the 3 together”

Check out Plasma 5.12 LTS - look forward to a beautiful unified desktop, amazingly attractive widgets and more speed and stability.

A petition calling on the United Nations and the European Union to increase their efforts to protect global biodiversity.

Nextcloud is the self-hosted file sync & share with the biggest momentum!

Nextcloud has grown its customer base 7x last year, while over 500 people contribute 6.6 million lines of code. A big thank you to everybody who has helped make this possible! … #nextcloud

Mad Catz returns from the dead with a dangerous-looking wireless mouse #theverge #technology

If lawmakers tell you that a law which requires organizations to censor specific content will not affect freedom of speech, they're either liars or idiots.
Recent case: Germany's law against online hate speech which made the Bird Site cautious enough to temporarily block the account of Germany's most well-known satire magazine Titantic:
Only self-governed social media like are at least somewhat protected from such forms of censorship.

@colomar perfect information symmetry exists in only one place: the open source ecosystem. No patents, no trade secrets, no secret agreements. And guess what? Free market advocates hate it so much they call it "communism" LOL

@celesteh Most proponents of a free market economy just assume that perfect information symmetry exists between consumers and producers, which is so far from truth in our modern world.
There are many NGOs who help reduce the information asymmetry a bit via information campaigns, but even they can't eliminate it.

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GNU Project guidelines recommend interactive applications have an about box that displays the GPLv3, but I found that a bit boring

2018: The revolution will not be centralized

Do you want your public administration to benefit from !FreeSoftware as well? Ask your friends and family to sign the Public Money #PublicCode open letter: #fsfe #FreeSoftware