First steps with going pretty well. Running it on a old RPI is quite slow, and for some unexplained reason SSH stops working every so often, but the web interfaces allow for a lot already.

Not too sure if I'll be doing email, but file server and music server definitively, other little things bonuses on top.

The continues in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of June. This session focuses on computed layout:

" Since 2013, several initiatives have been experimenting with making printed publications using HTML/CSS/Javascript with the help of CSS regions. This feature is necessary to produce multi-paged publications and since its removal from Blink (2014) and in WebKit (2017), users are trapped with old versions of WebKit. Sticking to older version is still viable today but for how long? "

It was a delight to be left loose to program and build out the engagement space at for the summer season. So we build a recording booth and a system for visitors to sing together on a .

This was all in response to the Dearly beloved show that opened last night at . Artworks 2019

Finally purchased my of the artist's guide to copyright. Looking forwards to referring students to this book next September.

I'm not a very advanced user (I'm on at the moment actially) so when has no build for me I'm sometimes stuck.

AUR currently has no build recipe for pdfshuffler, but luckily, I found a revival fork called PDF Arranger

PDF Arranger works great, as far as I can see it has all of the PDFshuffler functions and is planning many more, possibly a Windows package, which I know would be very very appreciated.

[...] “There is also a deeper cognitive pressure at work: the belief in the singular, inviolable answer, produced, with or without human intervention, by the alleged neutrality of the machine.” James Bridle — New Dark Age

Ready, set, ... Pace yourself you're on this boat for the next 18hrs and you've only got one laptop charge.

This evening kicks off the Universe of ( ) images symposium, with Hackers & Designers + Froh! This weekend is part 1 of two, in Amsterdam, then in Koln.

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