First steps with going pretty well. Running it on a old RPI is quite slow, and for some unexplained reason SSH stops working every so often, but the web interfaces allow for a lot already.

Not too sure if I'll be doing email, but file server and music server definitively, other little things bonuses on top.

@colm ssh 'stops working' because they have a super paranoid fail2ban setup that bans you immediately after a failed login attempt...

Also email and chat are already part of the basic stack, you just need to open ports in the router!

@rra @colm it's after failed 5 retry which seems reasonable :/

It's the default fail2ban config with some additional stuff.

@bram @rra @colm Most probably you have misconfigured public keys which are interpreted as failed login attempts ...

Other than that, the "super paranoid fail2ban' is set to 5 maxretry which is the default from the debian package ...

@rra Nice, thanks, didn't know it came with all this already enabled, got too exited and did not RTM properly !

Indeed, it was using a lot of memory but not maxing out, about half of the 1gb of ram on the RPI I have.

I don't think I did any public key configuration yet, which definitively would help :)

fail2ban seems like a good idea, I must have triggered it trying to log in as root (which seems inaccessible after `ynh tools postinstall ` ?)

@rra @bram @aleks
Thanks to you all for your help and comments, I'm really enjoying !

Looking forwards to trying more possibilities and apps soon, made too many costly mistakes on previous self hosted machines, this seems like good methods + good default settings for too eager people like myself !

Cheers !

@colm that's really weird for ssh, maybe you are using too much RAM? I'm seeing funkwhale, it's a django application and I'm wondering if it's not using too much

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