I followed Greta Thunberg's birdsite do matodon bot for a while, then did the same for Cory Doctorow's.
I had to unfollow both, it was completely destroying my favourite thing about my mastodon tl:
it's manageable scale. I feel on top of the feed, I'm able to keep up with the people / things I care about and nothing more.
Birdsite feels like a shouting match now more than ever.

“ Paper making workshop
Jane Fogarty, an artist who experiments with paper and colour and VISUAL's artist in residence Clare Breen, will facilitate a day-long papermaking workshop. This will be a hands-on activity in the gallery, making beautiful handmade paper from used paper collected in the building, including drawings made in workshops and documents from the VISUAL offices. Bring an old drawing or painting along to blend up and add to the paper pulp. ”


The continues in Brussels on the 21st and 22nd of June. This session focuses on computed layout:

" Since 2013, several initiatives have been experimenting with making printed publications using HTML/CSS/Javascript with the help of CSS regions. This feature is necessary to produce multi-paged publications and since its removal from Blink (2014) and in WebKit (2017), users are trapped with old versions of WebKit. Sticking to older version is still viable today but for how long? "

It was a delight to be left loose to program and build out the engagement space at for the summer season. So we build a recording booth and a system for visitors to sing together on a .



This was all in response to the Dearly beloved show that opened last night at . Artworks 2019 visualcarlow.ie/exhibitions/in

@AntoineGelgon , @crickxson dites, je me demande si vous savez comment trouver les des publiées par Peter Wiegel ?

La majorité des pages utilisent le symbole € qui est décris dans peter-wiegel.de/Legende.html

Mal traduis cet élément correspond à:

*En fait, bien sûr, mais de nombreux freefonts ne sont toujours pas disponibles: le signe de l'euro est présent.*

Merci !

looking for a way to cross post from to , would anybody know if this is possible yet ?

@raphaelbastide maybe ?

btw, I'm at pixelfed.social/colm

Who wants to go from #Amsterdam to #Brussels tomorrow (23/05) afternoon? I have an extra thalys #train ticket to give for #free to the first one who wants it. I don't wanna waste it.

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7th, 8th & 9th of June 2019
Varia, Rotterdam

More info on how to join: relearn.be/2019/

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Finally purchased my of the artist's guide to copyright. Looking forwards to referring students to this book next September.

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