I'm not a very advanced user (I'm on at the moment actially) so when has no build for me I'm sometimes stuck.

AUR currently has no build recipe for pdfshuffler, but luckily, I found a revival fork called PDF Arranger


PDF Arranger works great, as far as I can see it has all of the PDFshuffler functions and is planning many more, possibly a Windows package, which I know would be very very appreciated.

RT de Liège sans pub :

📺 On a jeté nos TV, alors ils ont installé des TV dans la rue qui diffusent des pubs en permanence, sans télécommande et sans bouton "off".
À Liège, JCDecaux a installé 30 écrans illégaux en + des 20 prévus par le contrat. Ce 25 mars, reprenons ces espaces volés! #SubvertTheCity

Being off Facebook has meant a tangible hit to my social life. I simply don't get invited to parties and events like I used to.

Current work requires a lot more Windows PCs than I'd like at the moment, having loads of USB controller driver issues, * are there reliable forums for Windows debugging? * I'm very out of touch. All my online searches yield "[SOLVED] Top 6 ways to fix your issue" pages that all are actually promotions of such or other driver manager.


Nice to see the launch of the SVG Community Group. I've been studying up on #SVG recently and I'm noticing that it's a lot more inconsistent across browsers than HTML and CSS. That's a real bummer because SVG is really cool. So it's cool that there's a new group for issues with the specs to be addressed.

People use HTML5 as a shorthand for the web stack (HTML, CSS, and Js). I hope that SVG can be included in that group eventually instead of being some weird offshoot.

On the search for instances of mastodon and/or other fediverse channels. Fast search reveals redbrick.dcu.ie/ but I'm sure there are others !

[...] “There is also a deeper cognitive pressure at work: the belief in the singular, inviolable answer, produced, with or without human intervention, by the alleged neutrality of the machine.” James Bridle — New Dark Age

Ready, set, ... Pace yourself you're on this boat for the next 18hrs and you've only got one laptop charge.

Nouvelle technique pour vous dissuader de refuser les cookies publicitaires.

Sur #Proximus, refuser ces cookies lance un procédure qui dure 30 secondes et nécessite carrément une barre de progression !

Quelle imagination. J'applaudis.

Unreported problem on the network in ? Both landline and mobile network seem down for me.

Unreported problem on the network in ? Both landline and mobile network seem down for me.

Unreported problem on the network in ? Both landline and mobile network seem down for me.

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