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When you purchase a copy of Finding Scrooge, my original sequel to by Charles , 25% of publisher proceeds go to support!

When you purchase a copy of , my original sequel to by Charles , 25% of publisher proceeds go to support ! ( God bless us, everyone.

RT This quiz highlights how much personal info you may be unknowingly giving Google.

"[Terms of Service & Privacy Policies are] critical for users to understand what, exactly, the company is selling, & where their personal data & content are going."


So excited for the release of my first book! Get your copy today.
RT "Finding Scrooge," Jason C. McDonald's original sequel to , is out now! Pick up your copy from your favorite bookseller. God bless us, everyone!


Five days later, I reread the first post in this thread and realize...this is Hiring According to Unikitty! "There's also NO consistency!"

One person actually said we should be giving consolation prizes to everyone who wasn't hired. Come ON people! This is real life - there are no participation awards!

I find it ironic, and actually a bit nauseating, how much articles exist where people with no hiring experience tweak the hiring process, as if they're experts. If they had their way, programming interviews would involve NO coding, NO frowny-faces, NO rejection of any kind...

P.S. "But it's the only way I have contact with my family." Please, enlighten them of Facebook's intentions, and then find another platform. There are hundreds.

Put all that together, and consider this: by using , you are providing something of value to an organization which not only has no regard for privacy law, but which has been a willing participant in undermining democracy. Stop supporting that!

5. Facebook has been collecting "shadow data" - personally identifiable information [PII] taken from its users devices about their friends. In other words, they collect and sell PII without the consent of the person.

3. Facebook provided that infamous data to Cambridge Analytica, which was used to help throw the 2017 U.S. Presidential Election...and then failed to account for it in a Congressional hearing. (Is a link really necessary? Watch the news.)

I hear a lot of people say that they use anyway because they don't really care if Facebook has their data. On the one hand, that's fair. HOWEVER...Facebook profits from that data, meaning users are providing something of value to them. Consider this, then...

This is wild! Someday my kids will study about this in school, and I'll say "yeah, I remember when they discovered those things."
RT Rare microbes lead scientists to discover new branch on the tree of life


Finally saw . GREAT film, of course, and with a very timely reminder. must be upheld if we are to have any chance of standing as a country; they are an essential check on the government's power.

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