I am entirely too excited by tetration and the Ackermann sequence.

Valgrind pure. What wonderful words to type in a commit message!

Apparently the "partner development" department at @codevstaffing doesn't understand that never getting a reply to their unsolicited emails isn't "busy," it's "go away." This is SIX from the same person now! Any company that employs like this will never get my business.

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Imposter Syndrome: be honest with yourself about what you know and have accomplished & focus less on the difference.

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I feel bad for any ACTUAL widow of a Nigerian oil tycoon who wishes to leave her fortune to someone via email; no one would ever believe her!

is back, and answering the question: What In The World Is An Iterator? It packs a lot more power than you might think! dev.to/codemouse92/dead-simple

Had the privilege of hearing the west coast premiere of "Rise" by @ZhouTianMusic@twitter.com, with the @spokanesymphony@twitter.com conducted by @LoweMurmurs@twitter.com. Easily one of the most beautiful and stirring pieces I've ever heard. Bravo!

I propose the following rule for #2020: You are only allowed to criticize the opposition to the same degree you'll quietly allow others to criticize your candidate. Enough of the double standards already.

This is why I use @DuckDuckGo@twitter.com instead of . Okay, one of several reasons, but probably the most important!

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Nearly 1/4 of US adults we surveyed enable the "Do Not Track" (DNT) setting on their browser, sending a signal to websites to stop tracking their activity.

But DNT is merely a *voluntary* signal sent to websites, which they don’t have to respect.


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Someone needs to build a dating app for seabirds. After all, one good tern deserves another.

I live with an anxiety disorder, and I'm slowly learning that it's neither uncommon, nor an uncontrollable monster that has to rule my life.

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RT if you’ve ever:

- had a panic attack
- had an anxiety attack
- had a depressive episode
- had an intrusive thought
- had suicidal thoughts

Let’s see how common these things that make us feel so alone really are.

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