Securely check your favorite password against 's database of leaked credentials. It's shocking just how many people actually USE terrible password practices.

If we went into another recession because of the collapse of brick-and-mortar stores, would that mean the economy died of a broken mart?

There's something strangely delightful about a green tree python curled up on a branch.

By the way, an ultimatum like "the government stays shut down until I get my wall" isn't negotiation, it's totalitarianism. If you support the government shutdown, you are declaring yourself an enemy of the Constitution. Debate about the wall separately. FOLLOW THE LAW.

Dear , you're going to have to decide if you work for the American people, or for Donald Trump. We The People already spoke on the President's agenda by electing a blue House. Accept it, and reopen the government, with or without the President's support. You're obligated.

Today, I discovered that my focus and productivity are SO MUCH HIGHER with ambient sounds...of a coffee shop. That actually explains why college was more productive than the last 3 years of work-from-home. I can't always afford coffee out, so I use

Well, THIS is a fresh take on the infamous scarlet thief!

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Carmen Sandiego infiltrates Netflix on January 18


Here's an idea for the : during it, , the , and the should receive NO pay, NO benefits, NO perks. Shutter the Congressional gym, most of the White House property. They still have to work, mind you. Just without pay.


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So, a shipment of crickets for the lizard arrived via FedEx today. It was my first time ordering bulk crickets off the internet, and I naively assumed that they would be in like, a bag or some other contraption to facilitate easy transfer to another container. They were not.


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This student built his computer from parts trashed by his .

This student is running all software on that computer.

This student is learning administration and with that .

What about other students?

Please help:


I've had three (successful) book signings this month. By the end of them all, I felt a bit like this.

I've had three (successful) book signings this year. By the end of them, I felt a bit like this.

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