While prepping my @libreoffice@twitter.com Impress slide deck for my upcoming @pythonpizzaconf@twitter.com talk, I just discovered that applying "Transform to 3D Rotational Object" to the lambda symbol produces a very snazzy hat!

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Pucky heard the Post Office is in trouble! If 1/3 of the folks in the USA bought one sheet of stamps, that would be about a billion $$$ of support! Let’s help Puck get the word out! ❀️❀️❀️ DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAILMEN? LET’S BUY SOME STAMPS!

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What's your favorite letter case style for programming? Mine is SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE. Just the name, really.

Things Never To Say During An #297

[Candidate] "Maybe you don't know what the coding challenge you sent me was about, but..."

[Me, the interviewer] ...

Just in case you parents were starting to relax, a local daycare is happy to traumatize you all over again! (Nice there, @KHQLocalNews@twitter.com!)

This right here is BRILLIANT!

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Sicily has figured out this whole self-isolation thing.

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a turkey hug and two playful pups in one video
(The Bloomin Barnyard FB)
(thebloominbarnyard IG)

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Katherine Johnson passed away this morning...
I don't really have the words to explain the legend this woman was, you can read a bit here: nasa.gov/audience/foreducators

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Diver convince octopus to trade his plastic cup for a seashell

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Fox was one of my dearest friends, and I will miss him tremendously.

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In loving memory of Chris "Fox" Frasier.

Fox was such a huge part of MousePaw Media behind-the-scenes. His kind heart and razor-sharp wit be deeply missed.

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Very helpful guide to cognitive biases, which can submarine good decision-making. Recognize any in yourself? (Hint: Everyone regularly defaults to at least most of these.)

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I don’t tweet often, I only have 12 followers, but today was my final chemo session and I want to tell everyone (well 12 people at least! πŸ˜‰)

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Pair programming, Dog Edition.

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I’m on the edge of my seat!

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Yes. Very helpful. Large boulder the size of a small boulder. That really narrows it down.

Excuse me while I figure out how to sit down while standing up.

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Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane Highway 145 mm78 at Silverpick Rd. Please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area.

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