I'll be signing books at Memory Lane Gems this Saturday from 11am-2pm, in The Shops by @CDAResort@twitter.com. Come say "Hi!" and pick up copies of "Finding Scrooge" and my original mystery, "Noah Clue, P.I.". I can't wait to meet y'all.

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she lays perfectly still like this whenever paw patrol comes on
(abeaglenamedboogie IG)

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I am holding in my hands the very first LIBRARY BOOK I've ever written, courtesy @cdalibrary@twitter.com!

If you've been waiting to read "Finding Scrooge" or "Noah Clue, P.I.", consider requesting it at your local library, and sharing the fun!

A dog with ambitions.

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The perfect video does not exiβ€”

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Check out what just arrived in the mail! So excited to be holding my first novel in my own two hands.

Speaking of which, be sure to grab your own copy from barnesandnoble.com/w/noah-clue or your favorite bookseller.


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You've asked where in the world is she? Carmen Sandiego returns for Season 2 October 1. @netflix@twitter.com @netflixfamily@twitter.com

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My new book releases today! YAY!

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Happy Birthday, @agathachristie@twitter.com!

"Noah Clue, P.I." releases today in celebration. lovers, pick up your copy now! amazon.com/Noah-Clue-P-I-Jason

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On 9/15/19, meet a whole new breed of . (Espresso not included.)

"Noah Clue, P.I." by Jason C. McDonald

Preorder now! amazon.com/Noah-Clue-P-I-Jason

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Book 2 in the "Clue, P.I." series is already underway...and yes, it's being drafted on the same I wrote major parts of "Noah Clue, P.I." on.

Speaking of which, be sure to preorder your copy of "Noah Clue, P.I." now! amazon.com/Noah-Clue-P-I-Jason

Super excited for the release of my first mystery novel, "Noah Clue, P.I."! Pick it up in paperback from your favorite bookseller 9/15/19

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Just in time for the birthday of ...

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A crow was caught collecting a plastic bottle and putting it in a recycling bin

"If a bird can do it,
you can do it!"

PICK πŸ‘πŸ½UP πŸ‘πŸ½YOUR πŸ‘πŸ½TRASH πŸ‘πŸ½AND πŸ‘πŸ½RECYCLE!

(Via fb Tyler Hendley)

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There's a Python programming Humble Book Bundle happening! Pay what you want, support the PSF, and get awesome books: humblebundle.com/books/python-! This bundle ends Sept 2 at 11am Pacific

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Most people now know companies like Google & Facebook collect & sell your data. Yet some people still think, "So what? I have nothing to hide." Here's five compelling reasons to tell them why your privacy is worth more than you think!


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