While I'm glad one more champion of TOXIC behavior has finally lost the public adoration he demands, we still have a long ways to go.

Everyone should call out toxic, misogynistic, and elitist behavior wherever they encounter it (especially in oneself!)

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Don't cheer Stallman being gone just because he said some particularly horrible things the past few days.

Cheer that we've finally pushed someone out of the community who has driven countless women away from tech for literal decades. twitter.com/sarahmei/status/11

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Old Mother Hubbard
Lived in a cupboard
Eating her curds and whey
The little dog laughed to see such a sport
And scared Miss Muffet away

My new book releases today! YAY!

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Happy Birthday, @agathachristie@twitter.com!

"Noah Clue, P.I." releases today in celebration. lovers, pick up your copy now! amazon.com/Noah-Clue-P-I-Jason

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Eight years since I first heard by @thebandred@twitter.com, and it has NEVER gotten old. It's still one of my most-played tracks.

For reasons I can't define, it's also the one song that never fails to short-circuit my panic attacks. Explain THAT one.


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On 9/15/19, meet a whole new breed of . (Espresso not included.)

"Noah Clue, P.I." by Jason C. McDonald

Preorder now! amazon.com/Noah-Clue-P-I-Jason

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Just in time for @agathachristie@twitter.com's 129th birthday (on Sunday), my own contribution to the great genre of releases! I've drawn so much inspiration from her work over the years.


Calling discrimination wrong is not immature.

Protecting minority groups from discrimination is not immature.

Making a safe place for traditionally excluded people is not immature.

Be careful who you label as a "social justice warrior" (in the derogatory sense).

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Till men have faith in Christ, their best services are but glorious sins. —Thomas Brooks

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My hiring philosophy in a nutshell.

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I can train anyone to code.

I cannot train anyone (so far) to be a great listener and to think deeply and understand the requirements of myself, my bosses and my stakeholders.

I'll take a good listener who bombs on the whiteboard over an arrogant technical wizard every time.

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Book 2 in the "Clue, P.I." series is already underway...and yes, it's being drafted on the same I wrote major parts of "Noah Clue, P.I." on.

Speaking of which, be sure to preorder your copy of "Noah Clue, P.I." now! amazon.com/Noah-Clue-P-I-Jason

A tremendously eloquent response from @FoxCurtailed@twitter.com, and a good reminder for everyone.

The enemy isn't "Them". It's toxic behavior, which we ALL can fall into if we're not careful.

Call toxic behavior out when you see it, but be twice as ready to address it in yourself.

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There is something wrong with this.

The problem isn't that it offends me--I understand the issue. The problem is that any time you generalize entire groups, you alienate potential allies. Doing this can actually work against entire causes. twitter.com/TerfBlocker/status

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Long story short, I'm deleting my account with @ebay@twitter.com, and encouraging all my followers to strongly consider doing the same. You will NOT be protected from fraudulent sellers anymore.

@eBay@twitter.com He also claimed to be a U.S.-based seller, although his profile and information clearly indicate he is in Hong Kong. @eBay@twitter.com doesn't see lying as a problem.

@eBay@twitter.com The seller is demanding that my mother, who already explained that she is disabled, somehow run down the stairs and REFUSE the package he was asked not to send. Despite this, and his harassing her over messaging, @eBay@twitter.com continues to side with him.

So, it turns out that @ebay@twitter.com no longer protects buyers from con artists, nor do they enforce rules. After three days of royal-run-around, they've SIDED with a seller who lied about shipping a package, and then when he was asked to cancel the order, THEN shipped it.

I love imaginary numbers. They prove our system of mathematics is inherently broken; it fails to account for a existent quantity!

Super excited for the release of my first mystery novel, "Noah Clue, P.I."! Pick it up in paperback from your favorite bookseller 9/15/19

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Just in time for the birthday of ...

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