california or burn it all down + go to another planet

in colorado! foothill of rockies! next big / last driving stage is tomorrow!

OH at Cornell:

"This is really interesting, We were doing economic forecasting in '07, and...'

also is reveal.js still the main jam for simple slides you want to serve up without the bollocks?

does anyone have a good example / bit of code i can look over for using spark + pref python to iterate over a large number of HTTP calls?

🎶Yr mangled data, yr battered model that's hanging on to memories
We're letting go of all data presumptions that used to be🎶

Just realized maybe some instance admins haven't seen this page, but I *did* describe how exactly Mastodon can be tuned:

sending out a request to other server admins -- need advice from someone who's successfully set up the amazon s3 integration with mastodon

no really, can i just burn all my stuff outside + take the cats on a plane

pack, make more coffee, get rid of stuff i'm not moving, work on 3 workshops, work on projects, work on new work plan, work on old scripts testing.

Still looking for more ladies to follow here, POC, queer ppl, etc. Raise your hands.

huh, not that i want to right now, but weird you can't delete your mastodon account

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