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not getting started til tomorrow AM, but any recs on getting started with Spark? Any particularly good example projects, quickstarts, blogs, etc.?

I think one appealing thing about mastodon is that all the little federated villages remind me of the MUSH community in the late 90s. Where you could get a MUSH installed, but it was running on the money and good will of some random stranger. It's the whole... little pieces of technology running on sharing and love... thing.

Any ipfs interest on here? Looking at that work this pm

also, did we ever figure out if there is a way to search for people across instances?

does anyone have docs on setting up a mastodon instance? thanks in advance

while nifi update is going slowly, going to get soup

Additionally, anyone using ShEx for shape validation? Been writing these for PCDM (digital repository in libraries specific low level data model with some implementation specific profiles on top), am attempting to write for BIBFRAME, maybe want to test first with EDM. Anyone using this - in production? The Ruby ShEx impl? Is there work on a Python or Scala one?

do i know anyone who has worked with Apache Nifi? Production dataflows, not just testing? Curious to see code/template sharing infrastructure, want to ask about local module development

maybe the worst thing you can do is to ask me 'so where are these supposed docs to evidence you worked on this'

bc i will respond with docs, versioned, data, code, + communication evidencing you were sent these multiple times before this point + didn't respond.

I like some of the thinking in Mastadon. It's great to decentralize and community manage critical social networking. It will be even better if the underlying pipes are similarly trusted with ideas in this conference:

how do people get colleagues to be better about using/approaching git + GitHub? e.g. have two metadata colleagues who are trying to run scripts I wrote them, but don't ever pull down latest changes (with bug repairs after they report back) before rerunning, then blame the script (+ not the whole process).

never mind, fixed the issue, just had to update gem

yes i just cancelled a group meeting + requested email reports.

sorry, i'm at capacity for next week, :-/

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