california or burn it all down + go to another planet

in colorado! foothill of rockies! next big / last driving stage is tomorrow!

@adr i like it - i'm gonna try big.js out for this, thanks! and thanks @pobocks too!

@pobocks @adr hahaha oh you + cautionary tales...

bring on emacs piles ;-)

OH at Cornell:

"This is really interesting, We were doing economic forecasting in '07, and...'

also is reveal.js still the main jam for simple slides you want to serve up without the bollocks?

@spellproof @ekansa i mean, maintenance will be interesting but not this big ass mountain to climb over

@ekansa @spellproof i got through maybe 40% of the NAF pushing it to GitHub but it's just taking forever with my dinky python + requests only scripts

@ekansa for sure. geo data is one of the things that suffers the worst from the current LoC data dumps in RDF bc the conversion is lossy

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