do i know anyone who uses GHI (github issues CLI)?

@cm_harlow the discovery that that is a thing is deeply exciting for me!

@pobocks esp. that combined with git-open and the new project management boards in GH

@cm_harlow brb, changing my entire life around this and looking for emacs integrations

@cm_harlow I inherited a nose1 codebase... my gut feeling is that nose2 hasn't quite stabilized/gotten traction, and that there are better fancy places to go if/when you end up wanting more sophisticated things.

@cm_harlow that's v subjective - I'm fairly newly transitioned into doing Python work full time from Ruby, and my ecosystem judgements are coming from fairly low periods of watching these things.

@cm_harlow my impression of what the Fancy Lads/Ladies/Other are doing is which I think is on top of/requires py.test

@pobocks yes, i've heard of this. have to admit, just started basic with just using unittests alone, but building up.

... until i switch jobs then have to go to ruby + scala land.

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