What's wild is that slowing down climate change should really be the ONLY thing all of humanity focuses on. Nothing else matters. Yet all this OTHER bullshit keeps happening and hijacking the headlines.

Who am I to judge, tho, cuz I also keep living my life as if ecological (and societal) collapse weren't going to happen in my lifetime.


I was thinking the other day that ecoterrorism is absolutely ethically justifiable (and I have the means and time), but who will look after my cats if I go to prison?!

This is a cowardly excuse, but my cats' wellbeing seems more imminently important than THE ENTIRE PLANET.

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Anyway, this built in human short-termism (and self-centredness) is why the fight against climate change is doomed to fail. I know defeatism is unfashionable, but YOU ALL KNOW IT'S TRUE.
We should still keep trying, of course.

My only "comfort" (so to speak) is that this ending was built into evolution. The traits that made humans come out on top are the same ones that make us destroy everything. It HAD to end this way. So in a way, the current ecosystem (which INCLUDES US) is destroying itself.

But boy, it was a fantastic ecosystem we had there for a while. Such balance! Such beauty! Who knows what will evolve next time round. Super cockroaches, probably. I'm glad I was around for this one. πŸ’š

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