Cats fed, plants watered, I’m off to the lake! Well, first close to the lake to cycle 50km πŸ˜„

I’m watered inside and out and can continue. Sun is out, I’m out of the forest, temp 37Β°.

Pure Oesling, but you really gotta throw that at me 3km from the end? (I reversed the route so this would’ve been the beginning.)
And a nice valley. Despite power lines.

No, wind has changed and the clouds will pass me by ☹️
And Rommwiss is VERY busy.

Private beach people are very vulgar. 😢 See how busy! Tho everyone’s sticking together.
Not me tho, I’m drifting off πŸ˜„

Helicopter is hovering around here. Wonder why. Fire? Criminal on the loose? None of those sound appealing πŸ˜„
Have some autumn colours with ominous sky.

I’ve been in the water, I’m wet, it’s windy, soon I’ll be cold πŸ˜„

Forgot to resume Strava but I guess it doesn’t matter when I’m making no effort at all πŸ˜‚

Oh no I’m drifting to shore! Guess I’ll need to start PADDLING. *gasp*

Β· Β· Moa Β· 1 Β· 0 Β· 0

I should probably leave. But I don’t wanna. ☹️ It’s so nice here. (But my miaows!!)

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