Upstairs neighbour has a new cat. Yesterday she jumped off the balcony and came to visit us. She caused some commotion. I rang neighbour’s door and she took her back upstairs.


Grumps next door took the occasion to shoot at me about my cats. I told her I wasn’t talking to her anymore until she learned to be civil.

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Anyway, 4am, I wake up to yowling. Oh hello again, Nina! Now yowling in my spare room. May be in heat. 😢
Definitely not quieting down. πŸ˜‘

I should probably lock her in the bathroom where she can’t destroy much. But then her yowling will be MUCH closer.
If I let her outdoors I’d have to close all MY windows or she’ll be straight back in here 😐

She HAS gone quiet, finally, which I hope… ah no, there she goes again πŸ˜‚ Miaow has come back to bed tho. Squish has been back on her tower for ages.

I fear her owner may be in over her head. All I knew about her before this was that she’s severely depressed. She can’t keep all windows closed im this weather. And does she yowl upstairs, too?
Should get her sterilised, at any rate.

Not long now until she’s figured out the door. Sigh. Wondering if I should get up and work now, and take a nap once kitty is back upstairs c

She was quiet for a few hours but has started yowling again. Wonder when it’s polite to call on neighbour. Hopefully at 9. I’ll go check on her.

Well, owner was down here. Offered to give her to me. She jumped down TWICE already yesterday!
She’s chipped and snipped tho.
I gave her back, she held her while we chatted, and she escaped again πŸ˜‚ told her I’d let her know when she comes back.

Also, owner: β€œshe looks down and falls”. Uh-huh. That one isn’t falling so much as deliberately jumping.

Maybe she can make friends with my cats? Never happened so far tho. Lady was like β€œyour cats are so calm”. Well, they’re 14 πŸ˜„

Nina still missing, her owner is looking again. *sigh* She told me of her other woes and wow, she's not had much luck lately. Poor woman. No wonder she's depressed. 😢

Nina's owner is out looking for her again. I now feel obligated to go out and chat to her each time, ugh. I will pretend to be working. Which I AM. In theory. For two more minutes.

Nina update: she’s out there fighting some other cat. Sigh. I really hope Squish stays out of it. I don’t wanna have to sleep with windows closed.

Decided I’d rather be too warm than have a €1000 vet bill. Sorry Nina, you’re on your own.

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