Was just about to proudly announce I was getting up at 7, but now a cat is on me and she deserves some cuddles. She’s so soft. ❀️


Another 1000 words done! Now cats are SO CLOSE FOR CUDDLING!
(Maybe I'll do another 500 so I'm halfway through this file. THEN I'm meeting my tax accountant. Also yoga. Actually yoga first.)

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Set up yoga mat outside. Loud street cleaner pulls into the street next to me 😐

Halfway through job 2. Accountant done, breakfast done, yoga done, now perhaps I can bike? Maybe clean bike first...

Oooh, agency contact has suggested giving 5k to someone else. REJOICE! More time for sunshine!
(also: bike cleaned!)

I am celebrating the work relief by wasting my time at the PC. Okay, I will get ready and go out. SUNNY!

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