I still, still regularly dream of living in / moving back to Brighton. They’re always painful and stressful dreams.
If I actually had the chance to return, would I? I’d miss much of what I’ve built and found (❤️) here.

This Code Switch / Latino USA episode on “wherever you go, there you are” also brought up old thoughts. Miguel’s experience differs somewhat from mine, but there are similarities, too.

Brighton has profoundly changed me and the person who returned was very different. I don’t think I could’ve done that here.
And tho I miss how at home I felt in Brighton, new me is also living a great life here. Despite Lux, not thanks to it.


I don’t know where I’m going (with this thread, or my life). I guess it’s sad I can’t live both places (not even VISIT easily with this f… pandemic and travel chaos and cats). But moving back will probably stay in my dreams. Probably…

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