It is amusing to watch the government jump the sinking Johnson ship like rats. Eventually he’ll have to resign, but I bet he’ll cling on a little longer.

At the same time it’s infuriating to read them talk of β€œloss of integrity”. No, that guy NEVER had any integrity, and you KNEW this, but you were happy to go along for the ride. πŸ™„

I'm sorry I derailed my own UK politics thread with cats, so back on topic: IT IS EXCITING! Every time I refresh he COULD BE GONE.
Also, I want ciabatta.

So exciting, had therapy for an hour and missed the news IS HE STILL PM!?
Lol sigh, of course he is. Otoh πŸ™„, otoh I like being right (in that he’d cling to power as long as possible).

Just to reassure you all, this guy is still in office! He has a strong mandate from ME, his human. Squish disagrees but sadly has no voting rights.

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