I’m ready. He’s struggling with his saddle bag. Here goes another day! Hopefully without grump πŸ˜„ (I’m afflicted by various aches and pains).

The Leffe and the abbey.
TIL Leffe is part of Dinant. They sure go on about the Sax guy a lot and not about the beer!

Our route is closed, but we watched some crazy car racing. Sadly didn’t film the guy who went backwards through the partition.

omfg TWL about the war of the cow, started because of ONE (!) stolen cow (in Ciney, where we are), lasting five years and causing 15,000 dead. INSANE fr.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerre

La Roche by night. Of course he has a tripod πŸ˜„ so he took much better photos than me. And I need 3 km to get to 100.

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