We need to start early cuz we have a LONG way to go today, but it’s COLD (13Β°)! πŸ₯Ά
But we’re gonna see the Mont MalgrΓ© Tout (Mount Despite Everything) and I’m VERY excited! It all looks very promising.

My luggage. His luggage. (He does have a big saddle bag on the bike with bike stuff.)
Last time he had way more than me!!


Sigh, spent the last hour stressed about my cats cuz the feeder didn’t get back to me and now she tells me she hasn’t seen Squish yet and I had a nightmare she was injured 😭😭😭

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We’re here. It’s so great you can see the next few meanders of the Semois (Semoy here in France!) in every direction by the hillshapes ❀️

Say hi to the Meuse! Much bigger than the Semois. Fucking humongous hills that I wish I could see the view from but am NOT climbing πŸ˜„

PHEW. Our café’s kitchen is overloaded with the huge pack of Dutch bikers, but they can make us garlic pasta. Perfect! πŸ˜‚

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