This day of lazily hanging out at home has involved a LOT of cat cuddling. Like right now, where I am stuck at the PC with .
Sadly makes it impossible to do physio. I’m sure you understand.

The little squishy one came and chased the other one away. So now I am doing WORK. Then I will physio no for real I promise 😢

Would you believe over an hour has passed and it's late and I am sleepy!
Super definitely doing physio tmw πŸ˜‚

I was thinking of sleeping on the terrace tonight but now maybe I’m too lazy to set it up? Gonna be pretty cold too so maybe tmw.


I end the day, fittingly, with cats on and beside me.
Meditated with a mantra and found out I can totally chant sth in my head and simultaneously have other thoughts.
But I have to pause music to write a tweet these days. 😢

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