Forest now or work now? I think work later. I’m gonna take Akasha for a forest yoga session. Light movement should be good for knee I think.

Not sure light movement was good for knee. At least the pedalling kind. πŸ˜„ But I’m doing lots of stretches.
Need to fix this, we have a bike trip to go on. 😑

I finished work, too. Now back in bed for some cat cuddling!!
Mum agrees my cats are great. She knows what’s good for her. 😈


Omg. πŸ˜‚ My kidneys hurt so I lay down on my heat pad. Took less than 2 minutes for both cats to congregate on the bed with me again.
(I’ve eaten!)

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Still stuck under cats! Must get up again to do foam rolling tho.
My cats are. SO. GREAT tho.

I did some foam rolling and massaging, then took a break cuz it's so fucking painful. πŸ˜…
Will now do some more, then fall into bed exhausted after such a long and eventful day. 😢

I’m pretty sure my knees will hurt in lots of new ways tomorrow. πŸ˜† But hopefully in good, constructive ways.

Now my cats and I return to bed for the third and last time today! πŸ₯±

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