Neighbour asked friend to look after her cats instead of me. Friend is doing a shit job. 😐 (I was asked to help out tonight. Cleaned the litter tray cuz apparently friend doesn’t!)

I tattled on friend to neighbour. I’d hate if people didn’t look after my cats well. πŸ˜’


Have obtained permission to pick her up from the airport.
She is VERY annoying! She constantly feeds my cats and buys me stuff, but won’t allow me to return the favour. πŸ™„

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Am waiting for message from neighbour to pick her up. I bet she'll just turn up here & say she didn't wanna bother me. I will be mad. 😑

I've had my fill of human interaction in the 5 minute drive πŸ˜…
BUT! The Moien has a new decoration AND there is an "African" (?) food truck so I will need to go back and investigate...

Moien is decked out for the marathon.
Food truck is closed but here’s the menu. Meh. Must go Ethiopian again soon, actually.

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