Forest now or work now? I think work later. I’m gonna take Akasha for a forest yoga session. Light movement should be good for knee I think.

Not sure light movement was good for knee. At least the pedalling kind. πŸ˜„ But I’m doing lots of stretches.
Need to fix this, we have a bike trip to go on. 😑

I finished work, too. Now back in bed for some cat cuddling!!
Mum agrees my cats are great. She knows what’s good for her. 😈

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Omg. πŸ˜‚ My kidneys hurt so I lay down on my heat pad. Took less than 2 minutes for both cats to congregate on the bed with me again.
(I’ve eaten!)

Still stuck under cats! Must get up again to do foam rolling tho.
My cats are. SO. GREAT tho.

I did some foam rolling and massaging, then took a break cuz it's so fucking painful. πŸ˜…
Will now do some more, then fall into bed exhausted after such a long and eventful day. 😢

I’m pretty sure my knees will hurt in lots of new ways tomorrow. πŸ˜† But hopefully in good, constructive ways.

Now my cats and I return to bed for the third and last time today! πŸ₯±

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