Having Musk's name muted, I missed all the exciting recent news. So we are all fleeing to Mastodon again? πŸ˜‚

Haha, I just got to this view and thought, hm, I’ve been here before. Indeed I have, and I also mistakenly went to the same dead end πŸ˜„

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This right here is my Sauer. She is very pretty. (Under me is the DΓ€iwelslee, a popular viewpoint along the N27)

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Some more photos (most are going direct to Tristan πŸ˜…). This track (last photo) had few visitors and is getting trickier πŸ˜„).

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900m in, second bench with a view and I’ve stripped down to short sleeves πŸ˜„ (will be much colder once I’m no longer on a south-facing hill tho).

Went for bike ride, did workout. Hands cold throughout! Slowly defrosting now I am wearing my Oodie again. 😢

During our cold & wet ride yesterday, I sang to the tune of White Christmas:

I’m dreaming of a warm Oodie
Just like the one I have at home

(Didn’t get further. What rhymes with warm? And the plural of Oodie is one syllable short πŸ˜„ Oodieses. Like hobbitses)

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Held hostage by cat. Send help.
(My heating is off and kitty has no Oodie, so I feel like I should share mine. But I have Stuff To Do!)

I went from β€œI’m wet but this is fine” to β€œI’m soaking inside and out and am gonna be SO COLD if I ever stop moving” so I gave up. Tristan joined me tho I said he should continue. This was VERY PRETTY tho!

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