I made the mistake of dipping into the wilw disaster again. Now there’s people spouting vitriol at each other in Eugen’s mentions. Might as well go back to Twitter, FFS.

None of you came out of this looking good. I still don’t know why wilw is a transphobe (Randi’s blocklist, yeah yeah), but this was mob action & it was super gross.

Oppressed minorities can be dicks too, who knew. Imma take a break from here.

I don’t even know what a bofa joke is.
I think I’m going back to birdsite. 😐

People start arriving at the engineering firm opposite my house before 6am (they have a very slammy front door). Maybe they finish early!

I am the QUEEN OF MULTITASKING! I (half) participated in a conf call while
- depilating my legs
- reviewing a translation
- doing a bunch of stretches

Worst thing is that the conf call client has a whole business paradigm about how MULTITASKING IS THE WORST πŸ˜‚

@clarissawam I went to investigate. I think judging by the area it comes from it’s birds. Brought in my cat, she was not impressed, but now I feel calmer. πŸ˜„

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I have no idea what animal is making that noise I’m hearing. Sometimes living in/by the woods is disconcerting (I mostly worry about my cats).

Gym plus 60km on the bike and I think I deserve my rest day tomorrow! Esp. my knee. *lol*

Usually with these temps I’d be like β€œwoo summer!” and now I’m like β€œboo, I want summer back!” πŸ˜‚

We're at the "bird island " at Altmuehl lake and we're sketching. Here's my ink and watercolor sketch of the landscape: #bikefollowrivers

My annual reminder β€œthat all registered domain names must have accurate and up-to-date contact information”. 😢
Mine is probably from two addresses ago. But my host’s domain privacy costs money and I don’t wanna be stalked! (I need to switch hosts. Tho I’m dreading it.)

It's like Mastodon reinvented early 2000's blogging but for people with short attention spans.

Just had a really lovely yoga session with my cat by my side, and then I sneezed and scared him off. 😬

Lawrence Yang, who I’ve admired for years, is finally selling prints. And β€œMirage” will soon be mine! 😻 #mastoart #notmine

Also my little darling cat had an incident with a dog, and tho she's not TOO badly injured (just more claws missing), she's super traumatised and hiding under the bed. :(
And our resident stray (cat) is missing, which I'm sure is not a coincidence.

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