Man, leave for a couple days and the whole place is nothing but Japanese posts. Guess I'll have to wait until more large instances are open for joining.

I've got a game of Death Road to Canada where I'm at Day 14 and really nervous that I'm gonna blow it on the very next action I take. Man, that game is good.

I bet the Japanese have a term for the feeling of lusting after fancy notebooks knowing full well they won't fill them up or possibly even use them at all.

Didn't even notice that Chris Hardwick has a regular old Talking show on AMC. Wonder if it'll be sort of like the Nerdist podcast he does. I like the shoot-the-shit conversation tone that show has.

I'm not Jewish, and we're not in the Old Testament, but the thought of painting lamb's blood above my door seems like it's worth a shot, juuuuust in case.

I just had a brief flash of excitement when I remembered my cleric just got to level 6 and he heals himself every time he heals someone else. Looking forward to my next session to try that out.

Having a costumed Easter bunny inside a candy store makes it really easier to explain to a four year old why he's there. Much easier than thinking up an excuse why Santa's posing for photos at the mall food court.

I'm improvising like crazy at work today. It's making my brain buzz. Maybe another cup of coffee, then.

Lately I feel like a group of small dogs in a human-shaped disguise and can't believe people keep falling for it and handing me all these milkbones.

I'm working on the 7th edition of our Celebrity Estate Planning Mistakes magazine feature and Carrie Fisher is, by far, the actor I most hated putting on here. It feels like saying goodbye all over again.

It's absolutely one of those days where I have a lot to do and zero motivation to do *any* of it. So it'll pile up and I'll destroy it all on Monday. 😶

There's a thing on my work calendar for 8 hours tomorrow that just says "Gratitude Training." It sounds like something out of 1984, queued up right after the ol' two minutes hate.

If that's a thing. Wandering. Sort of spacing out with headphones on and walking around neighborhoods surrounding my workplace and seeing how far off track I get before having to find my way back to my desk. Getting harder to do now that it's spring.

Hello world! Never really got into Twitter, which turned out to be a good move, apparently. So here we go.

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