tarot is rigged. they don't even let you bring your own deck to counter their attacks. how are you supposed to win

@chud_pudsley League tarot is more constipated than pickup tarot. What solar system you using for your deck? "Vanilla" Earth decks are usually weak to Planet X decks.

@chud_pudsley The worst is when the tarot reader draws the Rules for Draw and Stud Poker card

@chud_pudsley dont mind me, just marking my tarot deck *punches hole through Hermit's face*

@chud_pudsley This reminds me of something me and y friends would do with the Card Captors card deck. We'd draw a card and argue over why the card we drew was stronger than/beat the other player's card, with a "referee" deciding who won each round.

@badwrongfun @chud_pudsley ...which in turn reminds me of Monster Cards, a game in which everyone makes their own cards, and then for each duel, the non-dueling players vote on who won. a very good game!

@chud_pudsley You don't. You allow fate to win. Besides, the only real loser is whatever poor soul drew XVI, The Tower. Satan made sure the game was rigged before released or it wouldn't be fair to us otherwise.

If you want your own pieces and fairness, I would recommend a Ouija Board

@chud_pudsley @starkatt I find bringing a Magic deck to be helpful

just straight-up Cryptic Command that Ten of Swords, no thamks buddy

also, slip in illegal or ocunterfeit Tarot cards to their deck

the 11 of Cups, the Queen of Bees, the Null of Coins, the 8 of Ivy

@chud_pudsley @starkatt
Helpful Symbolism Notes:

The Null of Coins: Procrastination, unrealized potential, the whisper of an opportunity
The 11 of Cups: Post-con depression, mostly
The Queen of Bees: A female presence that organizes all around it, needy but necessary, insisting on a baroque system of rules, not all of them pointless
The 8 of Ivy: A severe setback in a longterm project, damage that can't be directly repaired, only induced to heal, the crumbling of statues, idols, and prestige

@chud_pudsley Fortune teller: *Draws The Tower* I see great change in your future...!
Me: Oh yeah? well I place Blue Eyes White Dragon in the face up attack position. WHAT NOW?!
Fortune Teller: ... welp, it's your dime I guess.

@chud_pudsley Mark the deck! Or at least bend the corner of the Fool card.

@chud_pudsley *fortune teller starts laying out tarot cards, I begin playing my tendrils storm deck*

@chud_pudsley It's just a scam to get you to buy expansion packs to try to find rares.

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