@citrustwee oh hey there you are! it's been a long time and i thought you had vanished into the fog of the fediverse.

Happy birthday!

Me: "I haven't checked in on Mastodon in ages, I should take a look there"

Mastodon: "Clearly what you need is your entire Local Timeline column filled with tiddie. Just hours and hours of tiddie and porn. Enjoy."

Desert Bus for Hope is a wonderful, amazing charity marathon supporting Child's Play Charity. It's an amazing and entertaining week full of some awesome stuff.
If you're not aware of it, I recommend checking out desertbus.org. #DB2018 begins tomorrow at noon Central! Check it out and donate!

Just a heads up to anyone interetsted: I will be live-tooting me making gumbo in like an hour and a half after I get back from the store and prep. Feel free to follow this thread, as I'll be posting it here!

Caring on a personal level about people on the birdsite I've never met was a mistake. No matter how much you care about them or they seem to care about you, they don't give a rats ass when push comes to shove.

I just wish I knew how to stop.

@Bax@knzk.me Hey, I don't know if Mastodon is doing something wonky, but I can't follow you back and can't see your tweets. Did you somehow both follow and block me at the same time?

@citrustwee dammit how many accounts do you have by now? Seriously?

tech complaint / language 

gmail auto-responses are blunt and...borderline offensive? They should just have two: [grunt approval] [grunt disapproval].

I tooted that and then the house started shaking.

uhm. help?

I have not been tooting enough.

What up, my fellow elephant site denizens?

You: English pronunciation is random and lawless. It is a chaos language no one can make sense of.

I'm running my country's curated account this week, and I'm already running out of ideas to tweet about because I'm travelling and have been too busy to sit down and work something out.

Anybody have any burning questions about Belgium they'd like answered?

@citrustwee@mikumikudance.cloud soooo... how many accounts are you actually planning to make? :p

And does this account have different birthdays than the others?

anyone that still boosts my toots suffers from stockholm syndrome

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